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Our 5-chamber Sensor Diaphragm Pump included an electronic control and packs the most power with the highest amount of comfort.

The LILIE Sensor Diaphragm Pump enables a comfortable fresh water supply, on the road as well as at home. Freshwater is supplied easily and gently without any spraying or pulsating.

The high-performance sensor diaphragm pumps adapt to the whisper control option. The water pressure is continuously sampled and regulated by the sensor. Its signals are forwarded to the microprocessor-controlled electronics in the foot, the electronic’s meter calculates by controlling the engine speed and flow rate to ensure the exact amount of water that is needed. The pump runs very quietly, delivers evenly without temperature fluctuations and does not splash. Depending on model and requirements, the sensor pumps deliver 0 to 19 litres/min, at a pressure from 0 to 5.2 bar. No matter the pressure or flow rate, the pump remains very quiet. 3 Year Warranty Included.

Design & Programmierung: Studio Orange | Walheim