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Frost Protection

Winter Protection for Water Systems in Mobile Caravans and Boats.

Frozen water expands and causes pipes and devices to burst. Even with very small residual amounts of water or slight frost damage, rubber and plastic components begin to deform. The damage is most often, later noticeable which by then is too late i.e faucets start to drip, pumps and boilers do not work or function with less power.


Antifreeze Winter Ban 3.78 l - Easy Winterization

The product ensures the comfortable and safe winterization of drinking and freshwater systems – without the removal of components and laborious hours of emptying drinking water, toilet and cooling systems in Boats and Mobile Caravans.

Tank Heater

High-tech protection for Water Systems in Mobile Caravans and Boats.

We use a special heating foil that was originally developed for space technology, by the leading American market leaders in the tank heater business. It provides reliable protection up to an outside temperature -40°C.
• Low power consumption due to gear stages
• Special insulating foam ensures excellent thermal conductivity
• Rockfall resistant, as the heating wire is only about 15% of the area
• Overheating-protected and resistant, thermostatically controlled with a special adhesive coating
• Easy installation due to the adhesive bonding fresh and waste water tanks, even in case of unevenness and protrusions

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