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Where we deliver

We are able to supply the most successful caravan and motorhome manufacturers and wholesalers with our water, lighting and energy solutions. We allow vehicles to shine with individual LED lighting solutions.

Bus, Trains, Commercial Vehicles
Our sustainable water and wastewater solutions increase comfort on the move.

Boats and Shipbuilding
For every kind of body of water, we make a special marine pump. Whether it is Salt or wastewater, it is simple and easy to take care of with our compact solutions.

For agricultural machinery, we have developed optimized solutions that for example simplify spray harvesters.

Our pumps solutions reliably convey water and cleaning agents in cleaning machines.

Photovoltaic, self-sufficient
Our sister company Lilie Energie supplies sustainable photovoltaic systems. The solar modules developed by us have proven themselves in recent years most notably in Germany and Europe.

Other Industries
For various industrial applications, we provide effective solutions i.e. Pumps which makes various liquids conveyance, possible. Meeting and exceeding standards in our solutions are part of our daily business.

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